Guide for Authors
I. How to Prepare Paper(s)
Step 1. Select Abstract(Summary) or Full Paper to Submit (Conference Paper Only, within 6 pages)
  • Click here to download (Summary Format)
  • The summary must be written in English & within 3 pages.
  • It must include title, author(s), abstract, keyword, references, and at least one email address of the corresponding author.
  • The summary will be included in the conference proceedings, SCCTL (Smart Converngence on Culture Technology Letters).
  • The summary's deadline should be made on time, otherwise the paper will not be included in our proceedings.
Full Paper Submission (6-10pages)
  • Click here to download (Full Paper Format)
  • The full paper must be written in English & within 6-10 pages.
  • The contents of paper must be upgraded more than 50% of summary by updating or adding tables, figures, etc.
II. How to Submit Paper(s)
  • Once a paper is ready to be submitted, please go to 'Paper Submission Menu' to upload your paper by online submission
  • For detailed instruction needed, please refer to Paper Submission Guideline.
  • We no longer accept hardcopy or email submission.
  • Only MS word files (.doc & .docx) are accepted.
  • We would like to recommend you to submit paper by using browser Internet Explorer NOT Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • If you still have a trouble submitting paper, please contact to the IICCC Secretariat via email(
  • [***IMPORTANT***] If the author would like to revise or modify the uploaded-already-paper(s), it is possible to edit at Paper submission. HOWEVER, please kinldy INFORM to IICCC Secretariat via email( once the paper(s) is re-uploaded.
III. Recommendation to Academic Journals
  • Submitted & Accpeted papers will be included in the conference proceedings, SCCTL (Smart Convergence on Culture Technology Letters).
  • Modified & Extended version of the conference paper(s) can be recommended to several different academic journals for free charge.
  1. IJACT (International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology) published by IPACT (
  2. IJIBC (International Journal of Internet, Broadcasting and Communicatoin) published by IIBC (
  3. IJASC (International Journal of Advanced Smart Convergence) published by IIBC (
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